Saturday, 27 October 2012

Octopussy (1983)

009 is killed and in his hands was a fake Faberge egg, Bond investigates.

Let’s call it as it is. Forget A View To A Kill, this is Mr Moore’s sixth film and I’m afraid to say he looks to old to play Bond – but I know the producers kept him on this one because Connery returned the same year in Never Say Never Again.

So Octopussy, where to begin, where do I begin? Well let’s start with the title. Octopussy comes from a short story by Fleming – but I can’t help but wonder if the film was going to be called after another short story, ‘Property Of A Lady’. That title is said by characters on numerous times at the start of the film; one example is in the scene set at Sotheby’s auction hall.

From watching For Your Eyes Only, you could be in the mood for more of that kind of Bond film rather than large scale action. However, with Octopussy you get something else – you get larger scale action, but disappointingly what you do get is almost a Bond pantomime. There are way to many moments where Moore’s tongue is so far in his cheek it’s as if you could be mistaken for thinking you’re watching a spoof of a Bond movie.  At one time Bond actually swings from vines and screams like Tarzan, at one point he’s dressed as a monkey and he even ends up dressed as a clown!

It’s not all bad… give me a minute! AH! Steven Berkoff plays an amazing villainous Russian General who wants nothing more than to invade nearby nations and take control of the evil West! He’s a powerful performer and you believe every word he says – especially when he’s raging at people. The end action that takes place aboard and on the top of a circus train is really well played out and has some genuine exciting moments.

The problem is the rest of the film. The film is lacklustre, un-entertaining and to be honest a chore to watch, especially after twelve Bond movies before this awful example! It’s just not good.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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