Thursday, 4 October 2012

Favourite And Least Favourite Bond Themes - Rhys' Choices

Happy James Bond Day!

Today (5 October 2012) is the fiftieth anniversary of the premiere of Dr. No, kickstarting one of the world's best and most successful movie franchises.

It's also the day that Adele has chosen to release her Bond song- 'Skyfall' (which fittingly premiered at seven minutes past midnight, or 0.07 if you like). It's epic, beautiful and downright tingly and deserves to do well. It could even be the first Bond theme to get a Number 1 in the UK charts. Check it out here.

So, to celebrate, Rhys has chosen his five favourite and least favourite Bond themes. Here they are in chronological order:


  • 'Goldfinger' (Shirley Bassey)

Bassey's diva vocals and the use of Bond theme music throughout the theme – to me makes it the archetype (like the film it's from) and sets the tone for all others. 

  • 'Thunderball' (Tom Jones)

TOM JONES! What more can be said? Maybe - If only Tom returned for a Dalton adventure, we would have had even more Welsh perfection! 

  • 'Live And Let Die' (Paul McCartney & Wings)

How can this not be in anyone's top 5 Bond Themes? Just different, but shows the rest how to be different and keep it Bond!

  • 'Licence To Kill' (Gladys Knight)

Storming, powerful, strong– just like the film. This song signalled a retun to the classic diva vocal and is also a powerful song, while the film saw the return of Bond's edgy side!

  • 'The World Is Not Enough' (Garbage)

This is a great example of taking the classic sound of a Bond theme and giving it a current (90s at the time) feel to it. Just sets you up for a Bond film – just great!


  • 'From Russia With Love' (Matt Monro)

Such a drab, clunky song- it just irritates me every time I hear it and, if it wasn't for the use of the title in the lyrics, you would never be able to tell it's a Bond theme!

  • 'Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' (Dionne Warwick, recorded as an alternative to 'Thunderball' [also recorded by Shirley Bassey])

Words fail me – just so bad!

  • 'All Time High' (Rita Coolidge)

This just makes me want to fall to sleep and I'm so glad that, when watching my Bond DVD, I can fast forward this and just get to the action!

  • 'You Know My Name' (Chris Cornell)

This just sounded second class. It sounds like something produced for a video game adventure of 007 – it belongs on a PS3 not a cinema screen.

  • 'Another Way To Die' (Jack White & Alicia Keys)

This should have had the vocal power that many others had – especially because Alicia Keys was involved. But what you end up with is just one hell of an overproduced mash of sounds trying to be a Bond theme. The whole thing just doesn't work – between Keys' voice squashed with weird vocal effects and the annoying Piano. NO! Just NO. …. yeah I hate this one!


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