Sunday, 4 November 2012

Thank You From The Watchers

So it's been a week since our challenge and we've managed to catch up on sleep and our sanity! We thought we would wrap up our coverage of everything 007 with a couple of things - well two shows actually! You lucky things! Below are the links to the both of them - one is a new vidcast and the other is a Podcast exclusive. Both are retrospective of the event.

The vidcast has our insights on the franchise after we completed the challenge, our spoiler free chat on Skyfall & we discuss in our opinion what are the Top Ten Bond Films!

The Podcast Exclusive - well thats the Un-Cut chat we had at 1:30am after we successfully finished, we chat about Bond, the experience itself and of course a very off the record spoiler filled Skyfall Geek Chat! So enjoy!

I would just like to give a heart felt thank you to all those who donated and also those who helped to get the message out there. So many helped, but a few need a mention and- of course- not in any order! Ioan Dyer at GTFM, Cineworld Cardiff, Hannah-Jane Davies & Avanti Media, South Wales Echo,, Simon Columb, ITV Wales News, my fellow watcher Tezza.

Rhys :)

I'd also like to say a huge thank you to a few people for their help and support over the Bondathon weekend itself and the months leaving up to the event. Firstly, my partner Alex, who has put up with a whole load of Bond shenanigans with no complaints and exceedingly good grace and has also helped to get the word out. Love you loads. Secondly, to my family who have supported us wholeheartedly- I owe my love of the Bond franchise to watching them with my Dad and my family so it's been a fitting way to raise some funds. 

To everyone who took the time to sponsor us, read the blog, listen to the podcasts and send messages of support by social media: thank you so much. I'd also like to echo Rhys's thanks to Ioan, Simon, Hannah, Cineworld Cardiff, Videomajic, Avanti Media, ITV Wales News and the South Wales Echo for their support. Our JustGiving site is still active until the end of November so you can still donate to this wonderful cause if you'd like to.

Tez :)

A Thank You From The Watchers: A Bondathon Retrospective from The Watchers Film Show on Vimeo.

The Un-Cut Geek Chat!

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