Sunday, 2 September 2012

Bondathon: It's Going To Take Us HOW Long?

The scale of a Bondathon is massive. This will give you a clue as to how massive a task it is. Below are the official run-times of all the official EON Bond films released to date (timings can be found on IMdB). 

Dr. No - 110 minutes

From Russia With Love - 115 minutes

Goldfinger - 110 minutes

Thunderball - 130 minutes

You Only Live Twice - 117 minutes

On Her Majesty's Secret Service - 142 minutes

Diamonds Are Forever - 120 minutes

Live And Let Die - 121 minutes

The Man With The Golden Gun - 125 minutes

The Spy Who Loved Me - 125 minutes

Moonraker - 126 minutes

For Your Eyes Only - 127 minutes

Octopussy - 131 minutes

A View To A Kill131 minutes

The Living Daylights - 130 minutes

License To Kill - 133 minutes

GoldenEye - 130 minutes

Tomorrow Never Dies - 119 minutes

The World Is Not Enough - 128 minutes

Die Another Day - 133 minutes

Casino Royale - 144 minutes

Quantum Of Solace - 106 minutes

Total - 2753 minutes (or 45 hours and 53 minutes)

This total does not include the running time for Skyfall as that has yet to be released (although a two-hour running time would be expected). So nearly 48 hours of film-viewing alone before we factor in the podcasting and blogging. Something tells me we might need a bit of coffee to get through this...

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