Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Introducing The Watchers Charity Bondathon 2012!

Welcome to The Watchers Charity Bondathon 2012 Blog!

Who are The Watchers?

The Watchers are two movie buffs, old school friends, who share a passion for film in all its forms. From blockbusters to arthouse, we'll watch it and give our honest opinions on it. To see what we do, take a look at www.thewatchersfilmshowblog.blogspot.co.uk

What is a Bondathon?

A Bondathon is a test of endurance for movie buffs, to watch all the official James Bond movies.

Official James Bond movies are those produced by EON Productions (so Never Say Never Again does not count). There is a new official Bond movie out in October which brings the total number to twenty-three.

The challenge is to watch all twenty-three movies over a three-day period, starting with Dr .No at midnight on Friday October 26 and culminating with a cinema screening of Skyfall on the evening of Sunday October 28.

You may think that two guys sitting on a sofa watching movies for three days straight isn’t much of a challenge. We agree. So, for each of the twenty-three movies, we will be writing a retrospective blog piece and recording a podcast which will be available online. If you consider that this equates to approximately forty-six hours of movie-watching alone, the scale of the challenge should be more apparent.

So why are we doing it?

Aside from the opportunity to see one of the world’s greatest movie franchises in its entirety, we are also raising money for Cancer Research Wales. Both of our fathers are currently undergoing treatment for various types of cancer and we both wanted to help raise vital funds for research and treatment.

More information about the Bondathon will be added over the coming weeks so please keep checking the blog, follow us on Twitter @WatchersFilmSho and please consider sponsoring us at www.justgiving.com/thewatcherscharitybondathon2012

Many thanks

The Watchers

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